Roderick Maclachlan – Tops (after Charles and Ray Eames) 2013

Tops (after Charles and Ray Eames) 2013. Installation: slide projectors, stepper motor, black foil and rear projection screen.

I draw on the pictorial traditions of still life and landscape and the use of repetitive, hypnotic movement, resulting in works that explore materiality, entropy and cycles of time; evoking states stretching between past, present and future.

Research into pre-cinema technology led me to projection techniques that have a simplicity and immediacy uncommon in current media. Opaque-object projection particularly excites me, as it is the most direct and non-referential process of mediation. The resulting projected image is no illusion as the reality and the image of that reality cannot be separated; this transformation of the real into a decontextualised re-presentation occurs in the present with no temporal distortion.

I wish the viewer to be complicit in a suspension of disbelief and aware of how willing ones imagination is to complete the act of constructing a reality and there is an intended theatricality and playfulness in revealing the processes at work.

Tops (after Charles and Ray Eames) 2013 - the images in four slide projectors are animated using a spinning shutter disc. The four frames capture the illusion of movement and the details of reflection, sparks and smoke.
With this piece I wanted to explore an extended moment, with a still life only barely becoming a moving image. In the work there is a layering of three time periods and three spatial layers; momentary sparks and smoke, the duration the spinning top is upright and the timeframe of the landscape.

The work was, in part, inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames’ film Tops from (1969).