Zoe Young - is an ecological author, filmmaker and facilitator, commissioned to document the Soil Culture Project residencies - www.zoeyoung.net

Recently returned from the frontlines, she is currently working with CCANW at the University of Exeter to document a series of artists' residencies with a focus on Soil Culture, based across the South West.

Bryony Stokes – filmmaker, with Zoe Young

Bryony Stokes has been making short online films for 7 years with over 500 under her belt.

Often filming alone to get an intimate and flexible feel to her films she shoots and edits, working closely with people. Specialising in environmental content she has filmed in hot countries, cold climates and rainy seas to bring a vivid reality and passion to what she sees. This, the first of the Artists in Conversation series, will feature some of Bryony's film clips of the Soil Culture Forum, where she worked alongside Zoe Young.