Archaeology of progress - Redruth

Victoria Sarangova

Friday 22nd February 2019
6.30pm sound performance at 7pm

Victoria is a multimedia artist from Kalmykia, Russia, currently based in Berlin. After visiting BLW briefly in 2018 she wanted to return, and has enjoyed her two-week residency with BLW and the opportunity to explore the Cornish landscape, and meet local artists.

Archaeology of progress-Redruth is an audio response to both concrete, elusive and tacit elements shaping the air of the Redruth area. Its landscape, people and folklore reverberate in the industrial dream of a rejuvenating alchemy that, through natural resources, addresses a utopian future.

[Text by: Giada Dalla Bontà]

Part of Archaeology of progress-Redruth project was made in collaboration with the sound artist Martin Pease.