BACK LANE WEST is a non-profit, artist led, residency, project, and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall. Its aims are to support and encourage critically engaged contemporary art practice and artists' professional development, while contributing to the growth of a regionally, nationally and internationally connected, open cultural community and network in the South West.

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Olia Fedorova - Talk & Open Evening Thursday 30th May

Olia is a Ukrainian artist based in Karkiv, visiting the UK for the first time specifically for her residency at BLW in May 2019.

In her practice Olia considers art as a specific language of communication, and the communication process as a certain «word game». Language as an abstract concept and as a system of signs is the main object of her research.

On Thursday 30th May Olia will talk about her practice including «linguistic games» and also about her recent work with rebuses. (A puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters)

She will also demonstrate how complex concepts and ideas could be expressed through the means of the game, using the simplest language forms. During the event each visitor can make up their own rebuses and visualise them being used through drawing or printing, and try to solve rebuses made by other participants.

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