Experiments in Unease and Order
New work by Kirsty Lowry

In Experiments in Unease and Order Lowry explores the interplay between experiences of unease or anxiety and the need to find ways to achieve a sense of order and control in our lives and surroundings.

The work experiments with the intrusion of fabricated rain in a section of an interior, domestic space.
The rain sets up a duality, at once creating a threat to the expected shelter and safety of the domestic space, whilst offering a kind of calming or meditative beauty.

The furniture itself is also disrupted, the chairs and tables are cut and the edges adorned with vibrant colour. The colour might refer to a modernist aesthetic sensibility, with the clean lines demonstrating the maker’s control of the object.

A commissioned sound work also affects the space. A subwoofer plays a 17hz infrasonic tone into the room. This extreme bass sound, below our audible range, has been scientifically attributed to inducing a sense of unease or anxiety!